Sirius Sport Resort

Arkkitehtuura Oy

Fly Simulator


wind tunnel

A wind tunnel is a simulator of body flight. It generates continuous and strong airflow, which can lift up a person (no matter the size) or even groups of people and let them experience the sensation of flight. And what makes it really unique is that you can control the flight just by your own body and its movements.

The first flying tunnels were built for military purposes in 1964. The manufacturer of the Sirius tunnel is the Canadian-Latvian company Aerodium Ltd, which developed and patented the technology in 1979. The company produced the first flying tube meant for commercial purposes in Las Vegas in 1982. Aerodium’s technology has been on display at such occasions as the closing ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, and at the event that unveiled the logo of the Sochi Winter Olympics, which will be held in 2014. At the Shanghai World Expo, an Aerodium flying tunnel was built around the Latvian Pavilion

How it works

Turbines of about 4 metres in diameter on the roof of the flying tunnel blow air at great speed downwards along air chambers on both sides of the tunnel. The airflows meet in a space at the bottom of the flying tube, and are directed upwards from the centre into the hourglass-shaped flying tunnel where people fly. The operator of the flying tunnel adjusts the speed of the airflow to suit each flier (depending on the flier’s weight and skill level).

Surfing Simulator


Surfing Simulator

The supplier of Sirius’ pools is Wave Loch LLC  from San Diego. The company has installed more than 125 pools all over the world. Finland previously had surfing pools installed in two luxury cruise ships built at the Turku Shipyard.

Sirius has two FlowRider Doubles. A single pool has lanes for two surfers. The central fence that divides the pool into two can be removed for private functions and experienced surfers, so that two people can surf simultaneously, taking advantage of all the 59 square metres of the pool.

In FlowRider, the water flows quickly uphill in a thin film, assuming the shape reminiscent of a sea wave. The resultant wave-like shape and the rapidly flowing water offer an exciting surfing experience for people of all ages.

The surface layer of the pool is polyurethane foam with a plastic membrane on top.

How it works

Pumps located in the pool below inject a 3 inch sheet of water over the engineered ride surface creating a surfable wave.